Continuing the Financial Intelligence training series. On August 13-14, 2022 in Nha Trang Beach City. Masternode’s Ekip team organized a training session, introducing trading technology for more than 70 Leaders who are also domestic and foreign investors to understand and master the technology called Masternode Premium.

The program is integrated with a lot of knowledge about the latest investment trends today. Open a detailed and convincing investment map for you to attend.

The program is organized with the desire to share the best and latest values ​​to help Leaders (investors) be more confident when investing and trading, especially trading in the field of Cryptocurrencies. One of the hottest investment channels right now.

Some Leaders are very happy and excited when this program is held every month. Help them strengthen their knowledge of the market and new features of the Masternode Premium trading technology.

After 2 days of studying full of energy and efficiency. More than 70 Leaders are committed to accompanying and spreading the opportunity to earn Smart money with Masternode Premium, developing not only in the domestic market but also in the World market.

The promise of many good things helps investors see this as a profession to give them financial freedom and help more people have a steady source of passive income.