Mr. WE


Mr. WE

  • Translator, Author

    Finance Expert & Digital Assets Expert (D.A.E)

    Hypnotherapist & International NLP Trainer

    Chairman & CEO TIFLA Group

    Chairman & CEO BSF Smart Fatm JSC. 

    Diplomas & Certificates: 

    • MA (Bachelor of Art in English language).
    • MBA in International Human Resource Management (IHRM), University of Wales, United Kingdoms (UK).
    • NLP Trainer, certified by ABNLP in the US.
    • Hypnosis Trainer, certified by ABNLP in the US.
    • Master Coach, Certified by ABNLP in the US.
    • Firewalking Instructor, certified directly by Tolly Burkan in the US.

Mr. WE’s achievement during his life: 

– Over 25 year of experiences (1996 to now) in start-up, managing the companies in Vietnam & Worldwide.

– Over 12 years in Training & Coaching, applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Modern Hypnosis & Healing.

– Millions of the Vietnamese & many other people from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc. has changed their mindsets,  increased their financial situation & shined in their career based on the knowledge & the real experiences of Mr. WE.

Mr. Rishi

Director of GFI, Southest Asia Division


Mr. Rishi

Business Development Specialist and Strategist

  • With 17 years of Personal Development and Business Training
  • Team Building Specialist for 11 years
  • Coaches Business Strategy for 11 years
  • With 12 years experience in Relationship Coaching
  • Sports and performance coach for 15 years
  • Extreme Goal Getting Specialist for 5 years
  • NLP Trainer in NLP University (University of California)
  • Knowledgeable on Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • Time- Line Therapist -Life University
  • With years of Business Development Experience

Mr. William

Business Development Manager, India Market Division
Digital Assets Investment Consulting Expert (D.A.E)


Mr. William

Business Development Manager, India Market Division
Digital Assets Investment Consulting Expert (D.A.E)

Bachelors of Computer Science
Diploma in Human Psychology

  • 12 Years in Tech & Cyber Security
  • 12 Years experience in running Lucky DigiTech (LD Creations) as a Business Owner
  • 10 Years in Digital Industry, Business Owner of TECH SEO
  • 8 Years in Social Media Engagement service providers
  • With a long term vision in the crypto market, he gets into this market with his mission to help millions of people worldwide for better life.


Training Director of GFI Vietnam



Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Finance Expert


Founder of the Asia Energy Institution. 

Founder of the Energy Meditation community & Spiritual Awakening.

  • Top Trainer applied the Method of Energy Meditation.
  • Master Coachof the program: Spiritual Awenking & Energy of Wealth.
  • Inspired expert for teenagers, the young people & the employees.
  • Together with the mission for “seeding” of Merits, over 10 years, he trained & leaded more than 100,000 students/participants not only succeed in mindset, Business skills, Finance investment etc, but also helped them to find out their drives, inspiration & desired for success in life.
  • His motto: “giving more” is the best way for “taking back” & living the meaning life.

Ms. Athena

Director of GFI Vietnam


Ms. Athena

Entrepreneur, Digital Assets Expert (D.A.E)


Director of BGT Land Company

Director of Business Development – GFI Vietnam 

  • Over 10 year of experiences in distribution many health & beauty products.
  • Over 5 year of experiences in investment & finance business developing (stock S&P500, Forex & Crypto).
  • Thousands of people have increased their incomes & changed their lives based on her “over expectation serving” during the past years.
  • Her motto: “Meet me soon, your life will be cool”, is the direction of life that helped her keep sharing values to many people about spirits & properties as well.