We have been through 4 revolutions:

1. First Industrial Revolution (1784): water power, steam & mechanization of production.

2. Second Industrial Revolution (1870): electric power & large-scale production lines.

3. Third Industrial Revolution (1969): information technology (IT), electronics & automation.

4. Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industrial Revolution 4.0): Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0) has altered the worldview and human perspective, as well as improved the standard of living.

However, in addition to these four great revolutions, we are currently experiencing what is considered the greatest revolution since the emergence of man: the Personal Revolution. (PR).

Personal Revolution is not only about discovering superpowers, hidden powers, noble mission or life purpose, but also a journey of wealth, prosperity, mastering the financial game, as well as helping others become richer & happier.

How to reach the heights of your career the quickest?
How to start a business and establish a limitless successful business?
How to become financially secure and free to do whatever they please?
How to turn into ideal parents in order to set a good example for your children?
How to transform into an exemplary leader capable of leading and guiding thousands of people?
How to have a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a sharp mind to live an inner life that is peaceful and an outer life that is robust?
How to build amiable relationships with yourself and with others?
How to live a life worth living: one that is wealthy, healthy, peaceful, happy, free, free… and more?

Success Training System ( STS) is the smartest solution, the shortest path for you.

STS – Success Training System is an exclusive Mindset, Finance, Leadership & Business Training & Coaching curriculum. Copyright by Global Finance Institute (GFI).

STS – A group of Asia’s leading Entrepreneurs and Coaches with more than 100 years of combined experience researched and compiled Success Training System. The training curriculum is highly applicable; skills learned once can be used for a lifetime and in any context.

STS – Success Training System is divided into 3 main levels :

Level 1:

WAI Training Camp: WHO AM I?. Purpose: to help learners open up their minds, connect to their inner selves, awaken the extraordinary person inside, dare to face difficulties, adversity… to be strong & confident in pursuing their lifetime passions, ambitions or mission.

Level 2:

CTF – Crypto Task Force: Purpose: to help learners master a trendy career of 21st century: Digital Assets Expert (DAE) .

Level 3:

CBS – Crypto Business Secrets. Purpose: to help learners perfect their business skills, start a successful start-up in the financial industry in general & electronics in particular.

In addition to the above 3 levels, Global Finance Institute – GFI regularly organizes special courses on: Leadership Art, Business Administration, Marketing Strategy 4.0 etc., with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) application & a plethora of global advanced methods.

To be successful, you need to master 3 factors:

1.A mentor, a good master.

2.Good products & tools for career development.

3.The utmost methodical & professional education system.

Global Finance Academy – GFI & Success Training System – STS gives you a shortcut to a prosperous & exceptional life.

We are always here to serve you, our Friend.

Best regards.

GFI Team