Join the bustling and joyful atmosphere of the Grand Opening Ceremony of Global Finance Institute – GFI at GFI Southern Regional Office – Ho Chi Minh City on June 6, 2022. We are very pleased and honored to welcome so many distinguished guests and investors at home and abroad especially with the appearance of Mr. Rishi GFI Director – In charge of Southeast Asia market who also came to celebrate with GFI Vietnam of Global Finance Institute.

Mr. Rishi: Director of GFI, Southest Asia Division

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, we are very happy when we received a lot of fresh flowers and good wishes from 2 seniors of GFI Advisory Boards, Mr. HOPE and  Mr. WE and all Dear Friends.


On this very special day Mr. Rishi will share about why Global Finance Institute developed in Vietnam market.

Global Finance Institute – GFI was born with the purpose of sharing financial thinking & knowledge for any individual or business. In addition, GFI not only shares and trains business, start-up, leadership skills, etc. but also a lot of knowledge related to Financial Transaction (Finance Trading), Financial Business (Finance Business) & Financial Investment (Finance Investment), namely securities, foreign exchange, gold, cryptocurrency…

GFI is a gathering place for many CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Experts in many fields. In which, Financial Education is our strength and where you can learn a lot of useful knowledge, contributing to your success.

Joy follows joy, on the occasion of the Grand Opening of Global Finance Institute – GFI Vietnam, Mr. Rishi has decided to officially appoint two important positions for the two leaders of GFI Vietnam: Decision to appoint Dr. SEA as Training Director of GFI Vietnam and Ms. Athena as the Business Development Manager of GFI Vietnam.

In order for Global Finance Institute – GFI to be developed and help more Vietnamese people, GFI has cooperated with TIFLA Education & Training Company to organize training and events in Vietnam. In order to tighten the spirit of long-term and sustainable cooperation, Ms. Athena: Business Development Manager of GFI Vietnam sent a bouquet of fresh flowers to Mr. Vo Minh Vuong: Director of TIFLA Education & Training.

With the spirit of friendly cooperation and the mission of bringing Financial education to more people, Global Finance Institute – GFI and TIFLA Education & Training are happy to join hands to inaugurate GFI to officially come into operation, operating and serving customers and investors all over the country starting today.

At the end of the Grand Opening of Global Finance Institute – GFI Vietnam, Dr. SEA: Training Director of GFI Vietnam will share about the opportunity as well as the unbeatable investment tool in the Cryptocurrency market, which is the Masternode Premium Trading Technology which is a state-of-the-art technology, helping many investors to earn very high and safe profits.

Not only that, GFI Vietnam also introduced to our valued guests the Training Camp named: WHO AM I? to help Vietnamese people completely change the picture of Finance and life forever.

Finally, congratulations to Global Finance Institute – GFI Vietnam on the opening of Hong Phat and wish GFI more and more development in the future.