An energetic and exciting training program was held in Ho Chi Minh City on June 7, 2022. The program with the direct training of Mr. WE, Senior Advisor Global Finance Institute (GFI),  is the Financial Education Training for Community in Vietnam market.

Master Adviser of GFI & International Finance Coach – Mr. WE

These are activities to gain knowledge about Financial Intelligence and developing trends in the world.

In that trend, there are investment channels that are developing very strongly such as Investment in Cryptocurrencies and real estate which are promising to be a huge potential not only in Vietnam market. Here, GFI’s advisors and experts will bring knowledge, tools and solutions to any market that you are interested or desired to learn and change your life comprehensively.

The training program ended in the excitement of all students. They got a lot of valuable knowledge and lessons from the GFI Senior Advisor. They also had memorable moments together.